The Melting Potcast

Episode Seven- Stoke the Fire- Prompt #1

January 1, 2015

Welcome to a new year in the Disaster Kitchen! We're back with our last couple stories from Prompt #1- A servant gets asked to do something out of the ordinary.

"The Blunders of Lord Grahmaar Warmouth" by Martin Spernau. Find his Roundtable Podcast appearance here.

"The Butler Job" by Michael Bergonzi.

Don't forget! We've issued a challenge for the soon-coming Valentine's Day! Take either of our open prompts and baste it with love!

Prompt #3- Each food in your refrigerator has a different effect on your mental health.
Prompt #4- A company has just received an order of "Fledges". They did not order them.

Submit flash stories for our Valentine's Day episode by Jan 20! Check out our submissions page for guidelines!

Promo is for Hidden Harbor Mysteries.