The Melting Potcast

Episode 87- Stoke the Fire Prompt #19 and Short Order Cook

August 15, 2019

For our August midmonth episode, we're proud to present our first stories we were able to PAY FOR! That's right! The Stoke the Fire stories in this episode have been BOUGHT!

These are for Prompt #19- You have two left feet... along with your right one.

"Skip Skip Hop" by A. F. Grappin (I actually am just keeping my pay in the Potcast coffers for future updates)

"Two Left Feet" by Kalila Roche

After that, we have a trio of Short Order Cook stories, one for A. F., Erin, and Theo! Thanks to Jason Goodman for the story prompts!

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Promo- The Case of the Scarlet Starlet by James Silverstein

Bumper- Tee Morris