The Melting Potcast

Episode 84- Main Ingredient “The Chosen One,” A Little Seasoning, Mystery Meal

July 1, 2019

There’s some sort of construction going on in the Disaster Kitchen, but that won’t stop us from bringing you a meal’s worth of content!

 We start with a ducky Main Ingredient story.

 The Chosen One by Christopher Michael

One wizard is determined to find the chosen one who will save the world from evil. But the chosen one who has been found… isn’t exactly the one she would have chosen.

 Special thanks to A.F.’s brother Tony Grappin for being a special guest voice actor!


We follow that with A Little Seasoning with Nobilis Reed: author, podcaster, and more!


Finally, our Patreon backer and official Saucier Spence has chosen the Mystery Meal for this episode: the opening text crawls from Star Wars episodes 1-8!


And last but not least, Prompt #19 is closed. Introducing Prompt #21- You found a star that actually grants wishes.

Fluff a Duck from
"TITLE" by Kevin MacLeod (
Licence: CC BY (

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