The Melting Potcast

Episode 80- Main Ingredient “Before Breakfast” and Food Critic

May 1, 2019

Our 80th episode! At least in numbers. We're getting awfully close to that legendary 100th episode. BUT we aren't going to reach that mythical number if we don't get more submissions in. PLEASE check out our submissions and prompts pages!


In this one, we bring a Main Ingredient story from the mind of Doc Coleman and his Crackle and Bang (The Perils of Prague) universe.


"Before Breakfast"- Lord Richard demonstrated some odd talent with firearms during an incident in Prague. Titania Bang and Tinka are trying to figure out just what talents he has.


We follow up with a Food Critic segment where A.F. discusses The Magister Trilogy (Feast of Souls, Wings of Wrath, Legacy of Kings) by C.S. Friedman.


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