The Melting Potcast

Episode 40- Stoke the Fire- Prompt 10- Mystery Meal- What Boils My Pot

January 1, 2017

It's a new year with a new surprise from the Potcast crew, but that comes later. We kick off 2017 with two Stoke the Fire stories for prompt #10- An animal from outside your local ecosystem has entered nature and is breeding uncontrollably.

"An Unexpected Fluffle" by Nick Kelly of the Geek Wolfpack Podcast

"Lawn Care" by A. F. Grappin

We follow the stories with a Mystery Meal with a scene from Animal Farm by George Orwell, and then an all new segment. Erin brings us What Boils My Pot, our new outlet to rant about grammar things, tropes, and other things in storytelling that get on all our nerves.


Prompt #10 is now closed, but we've opened Prompt #12- Write a story featuring some kind of mystic cheese.

NEW CONTEST ALERT! Between now and February 10, all Stoke the Fire stories submitted will earn their writer an entry into our newest contest. The grand prize: codes to get the entire Cheese Runners trilogy (by Chris A. Jackson) on Audible. That's right. THREE FREE AUDIOBOOKS!


Promo: Six Stories, Told at Night by K. T. Bryski