The Melting Potcast

Episode 35- Stoke the Fire- Prompt #8, A Little Seasoning

September 15, 2016

September's midmonth episode brings A. F. and Erin back to you with some all-new Stoke the Fire stories! These are based on prompt #8- Aliens have given you a supersense. How do you use it?

"Safe Scents" by A. F. Grappin

"Touch" by Sarah Celiann

Follow that up with A Little Seasoning with musician Kim the Comic Book Goddess.  From Balticon 50, she and A. F. discuss telling stories through lyrics and music rather than prose. It's a very different sort of conversation, and one A. F. was very pleased to have!

Don't forget, prompt #9 closes at the end of September!

Promo- NECROPOLIS by James Silverstein 

Bumper- Michael R. Underwood, author of the Genrenauts series