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Episode 34- Main Ingredient- Rider of the Postal Apocalypse and Mystery Meal

September 2, 2016

It has been interesting trying to get this episode together. Between baby junior chef, Theo working nights, and the sudden surgery Erin ended up needing, we're just glad this episode happened at all!

So we bring you not only your two beloved hosts, but a small sloo of guests! Junior Chefs Emily, Meg, and Lachlan join A. F. and Erin to bring you an all-new Main Ingredient story!

Rider of the Postal Apocalypse by Martin Spernau

Everyone is afraid of the mailman, but Mary doesn't quite understand why. So when she meets one, she runs like she was taught, but her brother's fear doesn't make much sense to her. But the mailman has a delivery for Mary's brother. A delivery that means something dire.

Special thanks to Tammy Pruett for providing the voice of the mailman. And if anyone's wondering, Tammy is... ERIN'S MOM!

We follow up our story with a much-delayed Mystery Meal. Only Erin and A.F., but they bring you the Mystery Meal version of the confession scene from Robert Louis Stevenson's The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde!

AND! We finally get to reveal the results of our second Cookoff Challenge (Roche vs. Malone)! But we're not telling you here. You need to listen!

Our next Cookoff Challenge will be open to all writers! Keep tuned for more details when it happens!

Remember, prompt #9 closes at the end of September, so get your stories in!

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