The Melting Potcast

Episode 33- Our Second Anniversary!

August 1, 2016

Two years already we've been doing The Melting Potcast, and we have no intention of stopping! As proof, A. F. (whose birthday is today, too) and Erin (whose birthday is NOT today) bring you the stories for our second Cookoff Challenge. Two authors, head to head, for prompt #8- Aliens have given you a supersense. How do you use it.

Sniffing Out Trouble by Scott Roche
Head Lights by Austin Malone

Sorry, but we're still not playing a Mystery Meal this episode. They ARE coming, we promise! We bring you A Little Seasoning with Chris Lester, author of Making the Cut (and other great books) and host of The Metamor City Podcast.

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Bumper- Tee Morris
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