The Melting Potcast

Episode 28- A Little Seasoning, Botched Recipes

April 15, 2016

It's episode 28, and A. F. is working hard on your next Main Ingredient story, so Erin is at the helm! Some of the audio quality turned out crap, due to being rushed. Hopefully this won't happen again. Sorry, folks!

First, she brings you the last bits of interview A. F. had back in October with the Archmage Ed Greenwood. It's not much, and the audio is a little wonky, and there's not really an intro, but you get the idea. There is a little bit of fun that we just really didn't want you to miss out on.

After that, Erin brings you more Botched Recipes!

We've had another challenge issued for a Cookoff! Austin Malone (you might remember him from our Valentine's episode in 2015) has challenged Scott Roche (you might remember him from our VERY FIRST episode) to a write-off for prompt #8- Aliens have given you a supersense. How do you use it?

2500 words or less, due June 30, when prompt #8 will be closing anyway. Hold onto your hats and get ready for it! And keep your eyes peeled for another open submissions Cookoff this summer!

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Bumper- Paul E. Cooley, author of The Black, The Black: Arrival, and The Street, among other things
Promo- Best Served Cold by John G. Walker