The Melting Potcast


February 20, 2016

First of all, sorry this episode is a week(ish) late. Our recording space lacked sufficient silence for us to get this episode done on time. Then work happened, so A. F. didn't have tons of time to produce audio. Lots of sorry all around.

We promised it would happen, and the day has arrived! We're here with our first Cookoff Challenge! Back in November, David "Doc Blue" Wendt challenged JRD Skinner to a write-off. Erin and A. F. laid the ground rules. No more than 2500 words. Valentine's Day love theme, and one of the main characters in the relationship had to be a cryptozoological or mythological creature. Well, the results are in, so here are the stories.

"Love Cryptoamerican Style" by David "Doc Blue" Wendt
"Heart of Stone" by JRD Skinner

YOU get to vote on the winner! Check Twitter @meltingpotcast for a poll where you can vote for your favorite, and we'll have a place you can vote on our Facebook page, as well! So yes, you can each get TWO votes! Our three intrepid hosts will announce their individual picks when we reveal the winner on April 1. Our hosts' votes also each count twice, just because we're special. Voting will remain open until March 23!

The winner of the Cookoff will win a The Melting Potcast T-shirt!

We do plan to have more Cookoffs in the future, some that are open to the public!

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