The Melting Potcast

Episode 19- Stoke the Fire, Food Critic, MYSTERY MEAL!!

November 1, 2015

Our November episode is bringing you something a little different. We're starting off with three Stoke the Fire stories, but unlike the usual delivery, we've got three stories by the same author, based on three different prompts. But all three stories are in the same series.

Prompt #4- A company has just received an order of "fledges." They did not order these.

Prompt #6- Why is everyone afraid of the mailman?

Prompt #7- Write a story featuring a member of the Potcast crew as a main character.


We give you three stories by David "Doc Blue" Wendt


"Pledge Drive- The Office of Unusual Delivery Services Part I"

"Cross Roads- The Office of Unusual Delivery Services Part II"

"Recursion- The Office of Unusual Delivery Services Part III"

Following that, we have a Food Critic segment. If you listened to yesterday's episode, you know that the first book in the TEGG imprint has just released. A. F. tells Erin about the first book in the Hellmaw setting: Your World is Doomed! Spoiler alert: A. F. gives it 4 out of 5 spoons!

Our last and newest segment is the new Mystery Meals segments. Our crew has spent time on Facebook and Twitter asking for parts of speech, and taking suggestions from you, our Lexiconnoisseurs! Yeah, we're doing Mad-Libs. But these are for iconic scenes of classic literature. For our first Mystery Meal, we've butchered a well-known scene from The Fellowship of the Ring

Last but not least, we are announcing our first Cookoff! David Wendt and future Word Chef JRD Skinner have challenged one another to a writing challenge. They're allowed 2500 words to write a Valentine's themed story (to be released back-to-back on our V-Day episode in 2016). And Erin now announces the characters they will be using for their Cookoff:


CRYPTOZOOLOGICAL CREATURES! Sasquatch, Chupacabra, Skunk-Ape, Nessie, etc.


Keep tuned in early next year to hear their stories and help pick a winner!


Promo- Still Water by Justin R. Macumber