The Melting Potcast

Episode 15- 1st Anniversary Spectacular- THE ICE BOX by Hugh J. O’Donnell

August 1, 2015

It's our first anniversary, and the Melting Potcast is growing up! First of all, we're proud to announce a new name for you, our fans:


The name came from Stephen Granade and Alex White of Disasterpiece Theatre .Thanks guys!

Our featured story this week is THE ICE BOX by Hugh J. O'Donnell of and . This is actually Main Ingredient length, but was based on Prompt #3- Each food in your refrigerator has a different effect on your mental health.

After a night of heavy drinking, Glory and Bingo realize that they accidentally drank her emotion-potions. And worse, their roommate Joachim is missing. What is the regret potion doing to him?

You can find more Freelance Hunters stories here.

We're also introducing a new segment: A Little Seasoning. These are short interviews with established authors, talking about craft and their works. Our first interview is with Paul E. Cooley. Check out THE BLACK ARRIVAL, just released in May, or his other works here.

Finally, we have received a webcomic submission from Patrick Toner, also of The Way of the Buffalo podcast. This wasin response to Prompt #6- Why is everyone afraid of the mailman? Check out the comic here.

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