The Melting Potcast

Episode 10- Main Ingredient- THE BURNING LAND by Jeff Brackett

March 1, 2015

It's our TENTH episode!! We couldn't be more pleased to bring you our biggest Main Ingredient story yet: THE BURNING LAND by Jeff Brackett.

Kapin Arik and his ship, The Serpent, are traversing the seas beyond what anyone has explored before. The mystical Seer, Uson, knows that the land they find will contain treasure beyond value.
Aboard the generation ship The Armstrong, Rayland is worried about the health of their crew. Luckily for them, a habitable planet is only weeks away. Can they make it before their ship kills them all?

Prompt #3 is now closed.

Prompt #4 is still open- A company has just received an order of "Fledges". They did not order these.

And now introducing Prompt #5- Something in the bathroom is your character's spiritual leader or confidant.

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