The Melting Potcast

Balticon Bonus Episode 7- Creating Believable Villains

June 15, 2016

Sorry to immediately have another panel episode for the midmonth, but we're still reeling from Erin's pregnancy, and things will be a little touch-and-go for a few months as we settle into having the baby around. You'll probably be hearing more A.F. than the others, and maybe even some new voices helping fill the gaps while the whole maternity thing is still fresh.

We will have a new Stoke the Fire episode on July 1. For now, enjoy the first of our recorded panels from Balticon 50: Creating Believable Villains with Maria Snyder. It is a longer one than we're used to (an hour 20 minutes as opposed to the usual 50 minutes) and there's some visual stuff you won't be able to see (unless you have some sort of magical powers) but there is a ton of great information here. Enjoy!