Balticon Bonus Episode 16- Help! There’s Kissing in My Book!

December 15, 2017

An early morning panel about authentic romance in novels, featuring panelists Nobilis Reed, Scott Roche, Starla Huchton, Bob Chase, and Ken Schrader


Episode 54- Stoke the Fire in Review, A Little Seasoning

December 1, 2017

This episode is going to be like none we’ve ever done before. We received a pair of Stoke the Fire stories that defy most description. Largely because they go above and beyond the intention of our Stoke the Fire prompts. Between two stories, a total of 12—that’s right TWELVE—of our 14 prompts to date are covered. We won’t list them all here, but the only two prompts not covered today are prompts #1 and #3.  We give you:


“A Potluck Podcast” by Jason Goodman

“Cornjuration” by Jason Goodman


We follow those phenomenal stories—our “Stoke the Fire in Review”—with A Little Seasoning featuring author Pip Ballantine.


Bumper- Tee Morris?



Episode 53- Botched Recipes, Food Critic, Mystery Meal

November 15, 2017

Someone has taken over the Disaster Kitchen. The Junior Chefs! What do they do but try to embarrass the crew? The JCs bring you some Botched Recipes and cook up some sort of food dish just in time for Grillmistress Erin and Dish Boy Theo to reclaim control.


While sampling this odd concoction, Erin and Theo bring a Food Critic segment where A. F. and Erin discuss My Bittersweet Summer  by S. A. Huchton


Finally, they wrap this ridiculous mess up with a Mystery Meal, destroying the “To be or not to be” soliloquy from William Shakespeare’s   Hamlet.


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And... there miiiiiiiight be something fun at the very very very end of the episode. 


Promo- Necropolis by James Silverstein


Episode 52- Main Ingredient, A Little Seasoning, Mystery Meal

November 1, 2017

Here in the Disaster Kitchen, we try to bring you real food for thought. And our Main Ingredient story today certainly brings it.


Author Doc Coleman gives us a tale that strikes on not one, but TWO Stoke the Fire prompts...but it's still a Main Ingredient story. Here we have


Prompt #12- Write a story featuring some kind of mystic cheese.

Prompt #13- Where did the corn go?


"The Blessing of the Cheese"

Professor Crackle had determined that creamed corn is the best gift to bring a sufi in Istanbul, much to the puzzlement of his young companion. Miss Titania Bang is eager to see just what the sufi had in mind when he invited them all to be guests.


Special thanks to Chris Lester and Veronica Giguere for lending their voices as Professor Crackle and Titania Bang! You can find these characters in Coleman's novel, The Perils of Prague.


We follow up the story with a long-missed segment. A Little Seasoning! A.F. talks collaboration and creation with Tee Morris.


Finally, Theo reads a Mystery Meal that tears up The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.


Promo- Starsigns by A. F. Grappin


Industrious Ferret Kevin MacLeod (

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Balticon Bonus Episode 15- Resistance is Never Futile- Activism in Sci-Fi and Fantasy

October 15, 2017

Another Balticon panel, this one very special. You've heard panels that A. F. and Erin have been on... well, this one only had A. F. in the audience, but ERIN WAS MODERATOR!


That's right. Erin moderated conversation on activism in genre fiction, featuring panelists Brenda Clough, Ted Weber, Day Al-Mohamed, and Fran Wilde.


Episode 51- Main Ingredient “The Long Weekend” by Heath Howell, What Boils My Pot, Mystery Meal

October 1, 2017

It’s October, and that means it’s time for another episode of The Melting Potcast! Today, the Head Chef and Grillmistress bring you a Main Ingredient story by Heath Howell!

“The Long Weekend” Oliver has spent the last four months taking care of his mother. At the end of his rope, he boards a plane with her, hoping it might be the beginning of the end to the trials.


We follow that with a new What Boils My Pot segment, in which Erin rants about misused foreign languages.


And wrap things up with a nice Mystery Meal, desecrating a scene from Les Miserables by Victor Hugo.


Prompt #12 is now closed. Newly available is prompt #14- A rash of people have just entered the emergency room…all of them exhibiting superpowers!


Music- Bittersweet Kevin MacLeod (
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Sound effects by the Free Sound Project 




Balticon Bonus Episode 14- Author Readings (Reed, Povey, Grappin)

September 15, 2017

Author readings from Balticon 51, featuring Nobilis Reed, Jennifer Povey, and a chapter of Starsigns by our very own Head Chef!


Episode 50- (Belated) Birthday Bash

September 1, 2017

It’s our (belated) Birthday Bash! Erin and A. F. bring you three Stoke the Fire stories based on prompt 13- Where did the corn go? One of them is from a brand-new Word Chef!


“Fly-By Corn Thieves” by K. L. Koster

“A Series of Blog Posts on the Conundrum of the Corn” by David “Doc Blue” Wendt

“Corn Mother” by Scott Roche


Did we mention this episode would have cake? While A. F. heads out for that, the Grillmistress serves up a heaping helping of Botched Recipes. Keep your ears peeled for one of the best Grillmistress laughing fits ever.


Prompt #12 will be closing at the end of September, so get your stories in for the cheese prompt ASAP! Also, Mystery Meal requests will be picking up  on Facebook and Twitter soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that.


Promo- The Deadly Studies series by A. F. Grappin


Episode 49- Stoke the Fire prompt #12, Mystery Meal

August 15, 2017

The Disaster Kitchen is back and recovering from our hectic summer. More importantly, our staff is returning! Grillmistress Erin is back behind the mic, and along with A. F., bringing you some Stoke the Fire stories!

These are for Prompt #12: Write a story featuring some kind of mystic cheese.

"Al Fredo and the Cheese of Doom" by Scott Roche

"A Transformative Experience" by Erin Kazmark

"Morning Tragedy" by Val Griswold-Ford


We follow it up with a Mystery Meal. That's right, we're finally getting those going again! This time, we destroy a scene from The Return of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.


Promo- Mistletoe Radio



Episode 48- Main Ingredient- A LITTLE TINKERING by J. K. Miles

July 15, 2017

Just A. F. again, hopefully the last time before our third anniversary on August 1!


A. F. brings you a Main Ingredient story from J. K. Miles.


Meander has tried four times to stop this bloody war. He's wandered the time stream, but every attempt has failed. If this fifth plan doesn't work, he may have to give up altogether.


Promo- STILL WATER by Justin R. Macumber

Music- Rynos Theme

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